The 3 Best GPS Drone Trackers

I see a lot of messages of lost drones online and unfortunately only few are found. According to Trackimo, a GPS tracking company, 30% of owners lose their drones completely. This is a lot knowing that the price of a drone is quite high. There are multiple reasons why drones get lost : loss of connections, bad GPS data, radio interference,… To avoid losing your drone and never find it again, I strongly recommend you to invest in a GPS tracker for drone… Read more

7 Steps to Triple your Car Security Today

Welcome to the 7 step guide to improving your vehicle security. My aim was to keep this guide short and simple, so you actually take action on it and implement the steps.

Some of these steps are just simple common sense, but it’s by using our common sense that we can often avoid making our vehicle a target for theft in the first place… Read more >

Best GPS Shoe Tracker hidden in an insole


We already knew that it exists GPS Trackers for almost everything but a GPS shoe tracker sounds incredible, right ? However,this product is real and is called GPS SmartSole hidden shoe tracker ! this product has been developed by GtxCorp for many reasons… Read more >

Car Security – The Definitive Guide for 2019

Expert Car Security Opinions

Learn all there is to know about Car Security in the modern day. We cover everything including vehicle theft statistics, most common methods of stealing vehicles, tips and tricks to prevent theft, the best accessories to prevent theft plus personal tips from 14 automotive industry experts…  Read more >

Car Tracking  for Parents

In NSW, a new P-plate driver is nine times more likely to be in a crash than other drivers. In Victoria, the state says they are 30 times greater. Thankfully, there is an easy and effective way to help curb your kids driving. Using a GPS tracker you’ll receive speeding alerts, set curfew times… Read more >

How GPS Trackers Work 

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is used by various devices to determine their exact location around the world. The GPS Network consists of 24 satellites that communicate with these devices, sending their location information through. These devices use that information… Read more >

Vehicle Theft Rising in USA

It might be shocking to believe, but car theft is on the rise in America. In the last decade there has been a steady downward trend of motor vehicle thefts. This is a worrying trend as you can see from the numerous statistics… Read more >

Vehicle Tracking for Individuals

Many people believe GPS car tracking systems are made for companies who own large fleets of cars. But, that’s not the case anymore. Even if you’re just a normal person, with a regular car, buying a vehicle tracker is extremely affordable and can offer you a wide range of benefits… Read more >

Motorcycle Tracking; Getting Started

Motorcycles are the most highly targeted vehicle for theft of all vehicle classes. In fact, they only make up 4% of all vehicle registrations but account for 16% of all thefts. Learn how to protect your motorbike and make sure it doesn’t become just another statistic… Read more >

Car Trackers with No Monthly Fee

99% of industry leading tracking companies charge a monthly fee to utilise their tracking software suite as there’s ongoing costs involved. However, we know one great company that offers no monthly fee’s… Read more >

Tow Alarms and Terrible Drivers

Tony isn’t the most punctual person, and to be honest, a pretty terrible driver. However, with the ‘Tow Alarm’ feature activated on his vehicle tracking device, Tony was saved from a world of frustration… Read more >

The Reckless P-Plates

Hugh had problems with his Daughter’s driving. She had already crashed their car and was turning into a crazier driver. Checkout how Hugh used a GPS car tracker and ‘Overspeed Alert’ to curb her driving… Read more >

Car Trackers and Kangaroo’s

Jarryd’s wife thought the GPS vehicle tracker was the stupidest idea out there. Only a couple months later she ran into some terrible trouble while driving. Luckily Jarryd knew where she was… read more >