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Car Tracking Devices for Parents

Car Tracking Devices for Parents: The Features You Need

In NSW, a new P-plate driver is nine times more likely to be in a crash than other drivers. In Victoria, the state says they are 30 times greater. Thankfully, there is an easy and effective way to help curb your kids driving. Using a GPS vehicle tracker, you're able to get speeding reports, overspeed alerts, location updates and even an instant text alert if the vehicle is in a crash.

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Personal GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

GPS Tracking Devices for Cars: No Longer Just For Big Brands

Many people believe GPS car tracking systems are made for companies who own large fleets of cars. But, that’s not the case anymore. Even if you're just a normal person, with a regular car, buying a vehicle tracker is extremely affordable and can offer you a wide range of benefits.

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Car GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee

Car GPS Trackers with No Monthly Fee

Car tracking companies are scam artists (apart from us of course). Did you know that the $30/month fee they charge you is for 'data expenses', even though this shouldn't cost any more than a few dollars. Read on to learn how to find, purchase and setup a tracking device with no monthly fees.

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Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Motorcycle GPS Tracking: A Getting Started Guide

Motorcycles are an absolute thrill to ride and a great hobby to have, however they're the most highly targeted for theft of all vehicle classes. In fact, they only make up 4% of all vehicle registrations but account for 16% of all thefts. Learn how to protect your motorbike and make sure it doesn't become just another statistic.

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