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Hidden GPS Tracker for Car

Enter your information on the right for your chance to WIN the Car Trackers Starters Pack valued at $180.

The Pack is designed so any beginner can start tracking their car today, without worrying about installation or complicated instructions.

The Starters Pack contains our Premier Tracking Device, the ET905:

  • In-Built Battery. NO INSTALLATION OR AUTO-ELECTRICIAN REQUIRED, just hide the device and your ready to start tracking.
  • 3 Month Battery Life. Charge the device only 4 times/year, a lot better than many other vehicle trackers available.
  • Durable, Waterproof and Magnetic Case: Hide it ANYWHERE
  • Several tracking features such as Overspeed Alerts, Shock Sensors, Audio Bugging, Live Tracking and more.
  • Comes in the Starters Pack, which contains Free Shipping, a SIM Card and Unlimited Support.

Hidden Vehicle Tracking Device
Hidden GPS Car Tracking Device Unboxed

ET905 Quick Review


The Good Stuff

  • 3 modes of tracking: live online tracking, SMS, app tracking
  • In-built battery means you don't have to wire it to your car
  • The app offers access to additional high-end features
  • Hiding it is easy with the powerful magnetic case and waterproofing
  • 3 month battery life: you only have to charge it 4 times/year

The Bad Stuff

  • Unlike hardwired trackers, you have to charge this device every 3 months
  • Replacement battery may be hard to find

For a complete review please click here.

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