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Case Studies

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Real stories of how my friends and family used GPS trackers on their cars.

Just click on any of the links below to read the full story and see how they've set up and are using their car trackers. 

Tow Alarms and Terrible Drivers: Tony Blair

Tony isn't the most punctual person, and to be honest, a pretty terrible driver. However, with the 'Tow Alarm' feature activated on his vehicle tracking device, Tony was saved from a world of frustration.

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The Reckless P-Plates:

Hugh Scranton

Hugh had problems with his Daughter's driving. She had already crashed their car and was turning into a crazier driver. Checkout how Hugh used a GPS car tracker and 'Overspeed Alert' to curb her driving. Continue Reading...

Shock Sensor GPS vehicle tracker

Car Trackers and Kangaroo's:

Jarryd Cooper

Jarryd's wife thought the GPS vehicle tracker was the stupidest idea out there. Only a couple months later she ran into some terrible trouble while driving. Luckily Jarryd knew where she was.
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