What is GPS ?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is used by various devices to determine their exact location around the world. The GPS Network consists of 24 satellites that communicate with these devices, sending their location information through. These devices use that information to track their exact location, speed and direction.

The GPS Network was originally discussed in 1973 for use in military operations. It was called the Defence Navigation Satellite System (DNSS). The DNSS program was led by American physicist Roger L. Easton, who invented, designed and patented GPS as part of the program.

DNSS was later re-named to the Navstar-GPS Program and by 1995 all satellites had been launched and the program was operational. While GPS was originally developed for military use it became available for the public, thanks to President Ronald Reagan and later Bill Clinton. Now, GPS is used every day by billions across the globe. From the aviation industry through to agriculture.

How Does a GPS Tracker Work?

A GPS Tracker is a device that uses the GPS Network to determine its exact location, speed and direction. The tracking device uses a process called trilateration to determine its location based on its distance from 3 GPS Satellites, with a fourth satellite to confirm.This technology is used by your mobile phone, Google Maps, weather apps, aeroplanes, ships and more.

A car tracking device works by contacting the GPS Network every few seconds to receive updated location, speed and direction data. It then uses a SIM Card to send this data to our servers through the 3G network. When the data arrives it’s displayed visually through Google Maps, all you need to do is log into the app.

Because the data is captured every few seconds, we can build an accurate map of where your vehicle has been and the speeds it was going. We capture much more data than location and speed (such as fuel tracking, tow alerts, aggressive driving alerts) but this is built into our trackers themselves, and doesn’t have anything to do with GPS.

Does My Car Have an OBD-II Port ?

All cars and light trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996 are required to be OBD II equipped. it's the same for all around the world every car or truck on the road manufactured after 1996 is legally mandated to have one installed.

Do I need to provide my own SIM Card ?

No we provide everything needed for the GPS Car tracking. The SIM Card is included and configured. The Monthly or Yearly subscription will cover all of the data charges, software and apps. Besides, we will set up your device with your custom alerts. You will juste have to plug it in the OBD II port of your vehicle and log on.