The 3 Best GPS Trackers: A Detailed Review

Discover the three best car trackers on the market. If you're tracking your personal vehicle, or are a small business with a fleet, we've got you covered.

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GPS Tracker for Car

The FM3001 Car Tracking Device

Highly Reviewed Car Tracker

Looking for a reliable, simple-to-use gps tracker?

What if we told you it was packed with useful alerts you could access anytime, anywhere?

Plug it straight into your vehicles OBD port, login to the app, and away you go! No wires, no worries. Works immediately out-of-the-box.

  • Our devices work internationally, with Australia on the Telstra Network & the U.S. on T-Mobile.
  • We provide a 2 year warranty, quality testing in the EU, & no lock-in contracts or hidden fees.

Here's what YOU can achieve with our GPS Tracker

Starters Guide to Car Tracking Devices

Many of the alerts below are available on our FM3001 tracking device. These alerts can be configured for each account depending on your needs. You can receive these alerts either as an email, or as a notification on your phone via our free app.

Plug & Play Installation

Our devices plug straight into the OBD-II Port on your vehicle, usually located under the steering wheel. There's no wires and no fuss. Plug it in, log on and your tracking.

Unlimited Live Tracking

Unlimited Live Car Tracking

See where your vehicle is travelling turn-by-turn, live. When you sign up with Car Trackers Club you'll get unlimited live tracking, all inclusive for $18/month.

Automatic Alerts & Reports

Receive automatic alerts straight to your smartphone via our App or setup automatic summary reports sent directly to your email for review.

Two Year Warranty

Our devices are built to industry leading standards and are quality tested in Europe. To give you peace of mind we're offering a 2 year warranty on every device sold.

No SIM Card Required

Don't worry about the hassle of purchasing your own SIM Card and Data Plan. Everything, including unlimited tracking, is part of the monthly service fee.

All Inclusive Technical Support

We're here to help you get up and tracking with your device no matter what. We understand that you're busy, so we've made everything as simple as possible.

Tow Detection

Car Tow Detection Alerts

Have you ever finished work, come outside and find your car's been towed? Next time, get an instant notification straight to your phone so you can react immediately.

Crash Detection

Car Crash Detection Alerts

As soon as your vehicle has been in a crash you'll receive an instant notification. This alert helped my friend find his wife when she hit a kangaroo with her car.


Overspeeding Vehicle Tracker Alerts

Receive an alert every time your car goes over a certain speed, totally customizable by you. Perfect for monitoring a crazy teenage driver or your employees.

Geofence Zones

Geofence Zone Vehicle Alerts

Every time your vehicle enters/leaves these custom zones you receive an alert. Great for businesses monitoring their delivery trucks or preventing theft.


Eco Driving Trackers

Save on fuel costs by monitoring driver behaviour. You'll receive an alert if your employee (or teenage driver) is accelerating, braking or cornering too hard.

Fuel Tracking

Fuel Trackers

Track the amount of fuel your vehicle is using on various trips. Use this data to make educated decisions about your vehicles and save on fuel costs.

Trip Recording

Trip Recording

Our platform recognises when your vehicle has finished its trip and will automatically save this data. View the history of your trips & all associated data for up to 1 year.

Works Worldwide

Our devices change network depending on which is providing the strongest signal. They support signals in 70+ countries, including Aus, U.S, Canada, and the U.K.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Bluetooth Connectivity so you can easily connect and record any data from other Bluetooth devices. Includes temperature monitors, hands free devices and more...

Unplug Detection

Vehicle Tracker Unplug Detection

Stop thieves and troublesome employees as soon as they tamper with your device. Receive an instant alert when your device has been unplugged or tampered with.

Jamming Detection

Jamming Detection

In the unlikely event that the GPS signal is jammed, you'll receive an immediate alert. Stay on the ball and keep your vehicle out of the hands of thieves.

Out of Range Logging

Out of Range Logging

If you find yourself outside of the cell phone tower range don't worry. The GPS tracker will still log all the location data and transfer it when you're back in range.

What Our Users Are Saying:

Very impressed by the simplicity of the service. Previous devices we've used have been overly complicated & expensive, that was not the case here. Immediately Luca was in contact with us - he set everything up for us and it all worked perfectly. We just plugged the tracker in and done!

Hayden Smith - GM, DeliverIt

I've been using the FM3001 to track my personal vehicle for several months now and it's been great. I've never had any issues, it's very accurate and reliable. This was the first car tracker I've purchased so I was a bit nervous, but Luca made everything so simple so there were no worries!

Mark Watson - Labourer, MJP

Affordable Pricing. Reliable Tracking.

In the interest of our customers we wanted to keep our pricing simple, and highly competitive.

We offer only one plan - $18/month for unlimited live tracking.

No hidden fees. No lock-in contracts.

Just an awesome gps tracker.

Tracking Devices: Why Choose Us?

Vehicle Tracking Simplified

Save Time & Your Temper.

Many of our customers have tried the cheap, Chinese tracker approach - they gave up and switched to us instead. Although those devices are cheaper, you'll waste time trying to set it up, become frustrated, attempt to contact their support to no avail, and did I mention... waste time?

Save yourself a lot of heart ache with our reliable, quality assured gps tracker. We set everything up to work perfectly out-of-the-box. All you need to do is plug it straight into your car and login to the app, that's seriously it! And if you are having issues or trouble just shoot us an email and we'll help out.

Australian GPS Tracking Device for Cars

Aussie Owned. Aussie Support.

We're a small, family-run business; able to provide unparalleled support. Most of our competition are large companies that outsource their support offshore - which negatively affects you. We're the opposite. We thrive on word-of-mouth, and the only way we achieve that is by providing exceptional support to our exceptional users.

Easy to Use Car Tracking Device

User Experience is our Key Focus

We understand that not everyone is tech savvy, and most people simply don't have time to learn the ins-and-outs of a new gps tracker, or platform.

We created our tracking platform & app hand-in-hand with several of our key users. This gave us true insights into how our customers interact with the software, allowing us to create a simple, intuitive-to-use tracking platform.

Hidden Benefits to Car Trackers

Loads of Hidden Benefits

From individuals to small businesses, we're here to help you get the most out of our tracking devices. The majority of our users sign up for theft protection, but 95% stay because our device has become part of their everyday life.

They're using it to find their parking spots, to monitor their children's driving (or their employees driving), to track and lower fuel consumption, to monitor their vehicles while they're travelling, the list goes on and on...

Here's how simple it is to get started:

Order a Car Tracking Device

1. Place your Order.

Once you've placed your order I'll get in contact with you to find out which alerts you'll need activated on your account. I'll then configure your gps tracker, setup your account, email you the login details, and ship the tracking device off to you.

Plug the Car Tracker In

2. Plug it in.

Once the tracking device arrives simply take it out of the box and plug it straight into the OBD-II port in your car. To find where your OBD port is located type your vehicle's make and model into this tool here. All that's left for you is to log into the app.

Login to our Vehicle Tracking App

3. Log on.

Now that everything is set up just Log In to the app or web platform using the login details I emailed you. And that's seriously everything.

If you ever want to change the configuration of your alerts we can easily do this for you.

Don't Hesitate, Get Started Today!

1. Read the full review of the FM3001, and find out why it's our most popular tracking device.

2. Choose which alerts you'd like activated on your account.

3. Order your device and have it by the end of the week.

New to GPS Trackers?

Every ten minutes a vehicle is stolen in Australia. In the U.S., it's roughly 13 times that rate - to be fair, they have roughly 13 times the population.

More than 50% of all vehicles were stolen from a residence. Majority of which occurred between 4pm & midnight over the weekend.

What's worse is 35% of all thefts are never recovered.

However, 90% of cars with a GPS Tracker installed were recovered within a week. 80% of those were recovered in 24 hours.

As you can see, installing a tracking device is one of the simplest and most effective methods of protecting your car from theft.

In fact, many insurance companies will give discounts on your vehicle premiums just for having a GPS tracking device installed. That's because they understand that by having tracking devices the likelihood of vehicle recovery in the event of theft is much higher, therefore saving them money.

But I thought they were expensive and only for large companies?

This is a very common misconception.

Tracking devices have advanced a lot in the last few years, and now they're widely available and very affordable.

A large portion of our customer base is actually made up of individuals tracking their personal vehicles.

Whether that be for theft protection, monitoring their teenage kids, saving on fuel, tracking their vehicles travels, or any number of reasons.

So, how do GPS Trackers actually work?

Nearly all tracking devices use a SIM Card to transmit their data to their respective online tracking platform.

This data is then translated on the platform into an understandable format. In terms of the location, it's shown as a vehicle on Google Maps. In terms of alerts, they're shown as notifications on the Online Platform and App. You can see the time, date and location of the alert.

This is why there are always monthly costs associated with tracking devices. You need to pay for the data costs of the SIM, along with signing up for an Online Tracking Platform, unless you resort to using a free one which I do not recommend.

For more information on car tracking please visit or resources page or read the review of our most popular tracking device here.

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