Car Trackers Club was formed out of frustration. The frustration of how complex buying, installing and setting up a vehicle tracker was.

Having to work out the wiring myself (or pay a ridiculous installation fee), trying to set up my own custom alerts, and navigating around clunky, non user friendly tracking apps. It was just too hard, too difficult. I was fed up and thought I could offer a better solution.

I first became aware of vehicle trackers back in February 2014. I was unfortunate enough to have my pride and joy stolen while we were out watching a movie as a family. Needless to say, it was a terrible, horrible situation with kids crying, unhelpful security guards and a panicking wife. Furthermore, following up with the police for weeks after was a real pain in the ass.

Overall, this was a situation I didn’t want to experience again and soon after I began looking into how I could prevent car theft.

That’s when I came across vehicle trackers.

I’ve got to say, I was pretty blown away at first. I didn’t even realise this technology was available to the average person. I began researching car trackers and the companies that offered them and soon after I purchased my first vehicle tracker.

However, I began having troubles and issues with the service.

Firstly, I had to wire the device to my car. Now I don’t know a lot about auto-electrics but the sales rep repeated several times that it was very easy to install and they provide detailed instructions. I found that this wasn’t the case. After spending a few hours trying to work it all out I had to resort to hiring an auto-electrician, which ended up costing another $300. I obviously wasn’t too happy about this but he managed to get everything working perfectly, but then I ran into my next problem.

Apart from certain alerts I needed that simply weren’t available, I had a very hard time customising the alerts I did have through their online platform. I also figured out that they didn’t offer live tracking, instead tracking in 5 minute intervals, which wasn’t useful. Finally, it was really quite costly. I was paying them $30/month for this service and really not getting much back in return.

After some time I got fed up with the continuous issues. I tried another company which I won’t be mentioning but they weren’t much better, and charged even higher monthly fees.

In the end it all just became too much, I needed a solution for myself and saw a gap in the market.

That’s when I started working on my own solution…