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Simple, Reliable Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicle tracker software has been developed hand-in-hand with our core customers to balance simple, intuitive use with feature rich capabilities.

Instantly check the location and history of your vehicle anytime, anywhere. Easily customise the alerts you receive and run detailed reports on stopovers, fuel use and more..

Automatic Vehicle History Reporting

Access History for up to One Year

Easily look up the history of your tracking devices for any given time period. View all the trips the vehicle took during that time and all the associated data; speeds, fuel consumption, distances, stopovers, altitude and more. If you have more than one device the data is shown separately for each.

Customise your Alerts

When you first purchase your tracker we'll take the reigns and set up the specific alerts you need. However, if you ever want to activate/deactivate, customise or create new alerts it can all be easily done from within the Online Tracking Platform.

Detailed Vehicle Reports & Analysis

In-Depth Reports & Analysis

Run in-depth reports on your tracking devices to see overall readings of your key statistics such as distance, top speeds, average speeds, stop durations, idling duration, fuel consumption and more. Use this information to make data based decisions in your business that will lower cost of operations and improve efficiency.

GPS Tracker App:
Track Anytime, Anywhere

To keep you constantly in touch with your vehicle we've taken a simplified version of the Online Tracking Platform and turned it into our GPS Tracker App. Now you can see your vehicles exact location and history anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can receive alerts straight to your smartphone so you'll know if anything's happened to your vehicle. 

Best Car Tracking Software

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Activate/deactivate, customise or create new alerts, go through the history and run all the reports. You can do everything you normally can, except it'll be a pair of our vehicles that are being tracked.

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