Australia’s Best GPS Tracking System

Simple Vehicle Tracker for Beginners
  • Has the most features of all OBD trackers
  • Works out of the box, plug and play installation
  • SIM Card Included and Configured
  • Geofences, Anti-theft Alerts, Tow Alerts, Crash Alert, Jamming Detection plus more...
  • Simple Tracking Platform + App
  • Exceptional support
  • Near worldwide coverage

Two year warranty.  No lock-in contracts.  No hidden fees.

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Trusted by Experts

Very impressed by the simplicity of the service. Previous devices we've used have been overly complicated & expensive, that was not the case here. Immediately, CTC was in contact with us - they set everything up for us and it all worked perfectly. We just plugged the tracker in and done!

Hayden Smith - GM, DeliverIt

I've been using the CTC to track my personal vehicle for several months now and it's been great. I've never had any issues, it's very accurate and reliable. This was the first car tracker I've purchased so I was a bit nervous, but CTC team made everything so simple, there were no worries!

Mark Watson - Labourer, MJP

We simplify every step by putting you, our customer, first.

When you order one of our products, we'll get in contact to find out the exact alerts you want activated. We'll then configure your device and ship it off.

All you need to do is plug it in and log on. Simple.

Easy to use device

Works out of the Box

Simple Tracker Installation

Plug and Play Installation

Real Time Car Tracking

Realtime Tracking

World Wide Tracking Coverage

Near World-Wide Coverage

*70 countries including Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico & U.K and Europe.

Intuitive Car Tracking Platform

Easy-to-use Tracking Platform

Vehicle Tracking App

App: Track Anytime, Anywhere

How to set geofence zones

Geofence Zones

Tow Alarms Car Tracker

Tow Alerts

Overspeed Alarms

Overspeed Alerts

Unplug and Tamper Alerts

Unplug Alerts

Fuel Tracking and Monitoring

Fuel Tracking

Out of range logging

Out of Range Logging

Bluetooth Car Tracker

Bluetooth Capabilities

Trip Recording and History

Trip Recording

Extensive Vehicle Reports

In-Depth Reports & History

Two Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

No Lock In Contracts

No Lock-In Contracts

Quality Testing in Europe

Quality Tested in Europe

Simple, Affordable Pricing

In the interest of our customers we wanted to keep our pricing simple, and highly competitive. The Tracking Device is one of the most advanced and reliable one.


No lock-in contracts. No hidden fee's. Ever.

$199 Outright + $14.99/Month


  • 24/7 Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Unlimited Custom Geozones
  • Unlimited Customisable Alerts
  • Instant Email & App Notifications
  • Iphone, Android App and Web Platform
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • SIM Card Included and Configured
  • Cover Data charges
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Personalised Support
Two Year Manufacturers Warranty

2 year warranty

No Hidden Fees

No lock-in contracts

Quality Tested in EU

Made and tested in Europe

The Complete Feature Breakdown

Where people-focused research and obsessive engineering meets.

Works straight out of the box

Forget about the frustration of setting up your own device. We'll do it for you. The device comes preconfigured with the specific alerts you want activated. When it arrives, all you need to do is plug it in!

Device Works Immediately
Simple Tracker Installation
Plug & play installation

No wires, no worries. Just plug the device into the OBD-II Port underneath your steering wheel, login to the app and you're ready to start tracking! To find where your OBD port is located please visit this page and insert your vehicles make and model.

Realtime tracking

Receive the location of your vehicle in real time, turn-by-turn. Access the platform from any smartphone, tablet or computer to check on your vehicles location, speed, fuel consumption and more.

Turn by turn tracking
Fuel Monitoring
Fuel Tracking

Monitor your vehicles fuel consumption to see where you can cut costs and save money. Particularly useful for businesses with 4+ vehicles that are often in use.

Geofence Zones

Set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for you. Receive instant alerts whenever your vehicle enters or exits those boundaries. Eg. Create a boundary around your home from 10pm-7am so you're notified if your car's stolen in the middle of the night.

Geofence Zone
Overspeed Alarms
Overspeed Alerts

Receive an alert every time your car goes over a certain speed, totally customizable by you. Perfect for monitoring a crazy teenage driver or your employees.

Tow Alerts

Have you ever finished work, come outside and find your car's been towed? Next time, receive an instant notification straight to your phone so you can react immediately.

Instant Tow Alerts
Tamper Detection
Unplug Alerts

Stop thieves and troublesome employees as soon as they tamper with your car tracking device. Receive an instant alert when your device has been unplugged.

Trip Recording

Our platform recognises when your vehicle is put in park and has finished its trip. It'll organise this data in an easy-to-understand format so you can see what trips you're vehicle has made, the top speeds, fuel consumption and more..

History and Records
Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth Capabilities

The GPS tracker comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily connect and record any data from other Bluetooth devices. Includes temperature monitors, hands free devices and more.

Out of Range Logging

If you find yourself outside the cell phone tower range don't worry. The tracker will still log all the location data and transfer it to the platform when you're back in reception.

Out of Range Logging
Indepth Vehicle Reporting
History & Reports

View the history of your trips for up to one year and use the reports to make business decisions. Reports can include: driving hours, stopovers, distance travelled, fuel consumption etc.

Nearly World-Wide Coverage

Near worldwide coverage, with Australia on the Telstra Network and the US on T-Mobile. Our SIM Cards move from network to network, depending on which network is providing the best coverage.

World Wide Tracking
Free Tracking Apps
Platform & Apps

Use your computer to access to Online Tracking Platform or download our Android and iPhone tracking apps for free. Use the online platform for detailed reporting or the Apps while on the go.

Exceptional Support

We're a small, family run business; because of that we're able to provide fantastic support. Our main form of marketing is through word-of-mouth, and by providing great support we maintain that channel.

Fantastic Customer Support
2 year warranty
2 year Manufacturers Warranty

Every device comes with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty on the hardware so you know they're built to last.

Quality Testing in Europe

Extensive quality testing is conducted in Europe to make sure no devices have defects and to ensure every device works perfectly.

EU Quality
No Lock In Contracts
No Lock-In Contracts

We have no lock-in contracts whatsoever! If you no longer want to track your vehicle simply unsubscribe from our service.

Get Auto Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies will give discounts on your vehicle premiums just for having a GPS tracking device installed.

For Example, Geico says that customers can get up to a 25% discount for an anti-theft equipment. Liberty Mutual gives discounts too : If your car is equipped with anti-theft technology, you qualify for savings.

Simple & Affordable GPS Tracking Solution
Simple Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Has the most features of all OBD Trackers
  • Plug and play installation, works out of the box
  • SIM Card Included and Configured
  • Anti-theft Alerts, Geofences, Crash Alert, Jamming Detection, Tow Alert plus more...
  • Simple Tracking Platform + App
  • Near worldwide coverage
  • Exceptional support

Two year warranty.  No lock-in contracts.  No hidden fees.

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