Overspeed Alert

Receive an instant alert when your vehicle exceeds your pre-set speed limit.

For example, one of our clients didn't want his delivery drivers to exceed 110km/h on the highway. We set the Overspeed Alert to 110km/h only during business hours.

He can now generate reports to see which drivers are excessively speeding the most.

How to Create an Overspeed Alert

1. Navigate to the Alerts Panel

You can find this under 'Tools' in the top right, then click 'Alerts'. This is a list of your activated alerts.

2. Click the '+' Sign

Click the '+' sign to add a new alert. Select 'Overspeed Alert' from the list.

3. Set the Schedule

Choose between what times and days you want your alert activated, or leave it continuously on.

4. Sit Back and Relax

That's all there is to it. Now you'll receive a notification as soon as your vehicle exceeds that speed.

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