Geofence Alert

A Geofence is an electronic perimeter you set on our GPS tracking platform. Whenever your vehicle enters or exits this perimeter, you'll receive an instant alert on your mobile.

You can customise the alert to only activate between certain times or on certain days.

Applications of Geofences

Timesheet Management

Automatically record staff arrival time, time on site and departure time. This information can be used to discover inaccuracies and maintain timeliness within the workforce.

Fleet Management

Geofences can be set up for each stop along your fleets route. Monitor your vehicles progress through the work day, make sure everything is on schedule and see which stops take the most time.

Protect Your Vehicles

Receive an automatic alert as soon as your vehicle leaves your garage. Geofences can be set on time and day schedules, for example, from 10pm to 6am Monday to Friday.

No Go Zones

Geofences can also be used to raise alerts if vehicles, assets or staff enter areas that they should not. This can be as simple as a restricted area or even competitor sites.

How to Create a Geofence

1. Create a New Geofence Alert

Click on 'Tools' in the top right, then click 'Geofences'. Click 'Create New Geofence'.

2. Set the Perimeter

Use the simple pen tool to draw the perimeter of your geofence on the map.

3. Set the Alert Type

Choose whether you want to be alerted on vehicle entry, exit or both.

4. Set the Schedule

Choose between what times and days you want your alert activated, or leave it continuously on.

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