Car Trackers and Kangaroo’s: Jarryd Cooper

May 22

Car Trackers and Kangaroo’s: Jarryd Cooper

One of my recent clients, Jarryd, was interested in getting a tracker for his BMW. His wife was completely opposed to the idea.

“Why the hell do we need that? It’s just a waste of money.”

Shock Sensor GPS vehicle tracker

He explained about claiming the insurance back, like I explain here, but she still wasn’t happy. In the end, he did it anyway.

To cut a long story short, around 9 weeks after I installed it, I got a call from Jarryd.

He was all worked up and I couldn’t even understand what he was saying. After managing to calm him down a little he explained everything. I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty insane story, and I made sure Jarryd was alright with me sharing it.

He went on to tell me that a few days earlier his wife had to drive a couple hours down south to visit her Mum in Jindabyne. She was driving down at night time and somewhere along the trip Jarryd recieved a shock sensor alert on his phone. He grabbed the phone and tried to call his wife. He said he wasn’t too worried, but when that phone kept on ringing and ringing he felt his stomach dropping.

She didn’t answer so he called again and again. Still nothing. He said he started freaking out, but remembered the phone. He went to the shock alert and opened the location in Google Maps. He wrote it down, called 000 and explained everything. Then he hopped in the car and started driving down south. Around a half hour later he got a call, he was still doing 120 down the highway. After a few frantic minutes of explanation he was elated and relieved.

It turns out a kangaroo ran onto the small highway and his wife hit it (you wouldn’t believe it, but hitting a kangaroo when driving at night is a very common incidence). The car skidded out and off the side of the road. Luckily she didn’t hit any tree’s. She got knocked out in the process, but wasn’t badly hurt. The ambulance managed to get there only 20 minutes after the crash and everything was alright.

They called Jarryd soon after. He was so happy things didn’t go worse and thanked his lucky stars for getting the tracker only a couple months before.

In the end his wife came around to the whole idea of a tracker, and they were both happy that they had it that night.

It goes to show that anything can happen, and if it does you’ll want to know as soon as it occurs.

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