Motorcycle GPS Tracker: A Guide to Getting Started

May 30
Motorcycle GPS Tracker

Motorcycle GPS Tracking: A Guide to Getting Started

Riding a motorcycle gives you a thrill like no other vehicle, where you can ride in the open air, weave in and out of traffic rather comfortably and enjoy unmatched fuel economy. The list of perks that motorcycles provide is pretty extensive, but these are also certain things that make them a prime target for thieves.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned motorbike enthusiast or managing a fleet of motorcycles, motorbike security and preventing your motorcycles from theft should be on the top of your list. This is exactly what GPS motorbike tracking systems aim to provide, and this guide will show you just how to go about it!

What is Motorcycle GPS Tracking?

Motorcycle tracking is the process of locating your vehicle in the event it goes missing. Most, if all not all the motorcycle trackers we can think of, are powered by GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

When it comes to accuracy, most GPS trackers have ab accuracy of about +/-10m, while some GPS devices use Differential GPS (DGPS) for superior accuracy. Once your position has been determined, the motorcycle tracking device can calculate other types of information as well such as trip history, distance and speed in real time.

Benefits of Motorbike Tracking

Your motorbike is your pride and joy, and the best way to keep tabs on your vehicle is to let cutting edge technology do it for you! Motorcycle tracking devices do not just protect you from unscrupulous thieves, but offer a myriad of other benefits as well.

Speedy Recovery – when your motorbike goes missing, you can count on your tracking system to ensure it will be recovered fast. In most cases, the speed at which your motorbike is recovered also means that you get your vehicle back in one piece and ensure the culprits are apprehended.

Enjoy Riding with Peace of Mind – when you’ve worked hard to buy your dream machine, the last thing you should be doing is worrying about the security of your vehicle. A motorcycle tracking system allows you to achieve this peace of mind like no other security system owing to the fact that your motorbike can be quickly tracked.

Cost Effective Insurance – this is perhaps the biggest benefit of all for several reasons. Bike insurance is generally more expensive than car insurance given this class of vehicles is a treat for thieves. By having a tracking device onboard, you not only significantly reduce the risk of theft, but reduce the costs of your insurance premiums as well.

Statistics of Motorcycle Theft

United States

The NICS (National Insurance Crime Bureau) releases a motorbike theft statistics report each year. To break it down for you, here’s what their data translates to:

  • In 2014 there were upwards of 40,000 motorbikes stolen.
  • The number of motorcycles stolen in California, Florida and Texas accounted for 32% of the national total.
  • The rise in motorcycle theft between 2013 and 2014 was an alarming 4%.
  • On a brighter note, the percentage of motorcycles recovered were 42%.
  • Rate of recovery in the NY State was 20% and 98% in the state of Hawaii.


In brief, motor theft in Australia was up three percent compared to the last financial year, but here’s the low down:

  • Upwards of 9000 motorcycles were stolen until June 30th, 2016 according to a report released by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.
  • These increases were registered in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, while drops were seen in New South Wales, ACT and the Northern Territory.
  • Out of the total number of motorcycles stolen, roughly 4000 were recorded as short term thefts, meaning these vehicles were recovered at some point.
  • Motorcycle theft compared to motor vehicle theft was up by an alarming 15%.
  • But what’s important to take note of is that motorcycles account for just 5% of the total national vehicle fleet.

Common features of Motorbike Trackers

Just like most tracking devices, motorcycle tracking systems can be ordered with a wide range of features, but here are a few that make a great device.

Mount – this is the most important component to look out for because if your tracker isn’t installed appropriately, it may not perform at its best. If possible, get a tracker with a magnetic case so you can simply attach it to the frame of your vehicle – to be 100% secure it’s best to zip tie it down.

Waterproof – getting caught in inclement weather is inevitable so look for a tracker that offers some level of water resistance

Portability – there are two types of motorcycle trackers available namely devices that are hardwired to your vehicle and standalone devices powered by a battery. Although both types offer a similar level of performance, you might want to consider a standalone GPS device if you have more than one motorcycle as it offers superior portability.

App and SMS Tracking – the best motorcycle trackers can be controlled with a dedicated app. Further, these exclusive apps also bring to the table a wide range of features such as overspeed alerts and geo-fencing. SMS tracking entails you send an SMS to the device phone number, and receive your motorcycle’s location via Google Maps.

Setting up a Tracker for Your Motorbike

Motorcycle GPS tracking devices are easy to install as long as you decide on where to mount the device. It is best to install the tracker in a location that is out of plain sight. The last thing you want is thieves knowing your motorcycle is tracker enabled, which would defeat the device’s main purpose.

In addition, ensure that the tracker is placed away from any electronics such as radios as these may interfere with its signal. Considering that features and installation instructions vary across manufacturers, it is important that you read the motorcycle tracker user guide and follow the instructions diligently. However, it’s often as simple as connecting it to your battery and securing it in place.


Motorbikes are a thief’s favourite vehicle of choice as their lightweight design makes them easy to steal. A stolen motorbike not only results in daunting insurance claims that may very well result in a rise in premium costs, but also a lot of heartache. A motorcycle tracker is a rather inexpensive device that can reduce the chances of theft, and also save you a significant amount of money in insurance premiums. And with the high rise in motorbike theft, there’s no reason not to have a motorcycle tracker installed.

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