GPS Car Trackers with No Monthly Fee

Car GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee

When most people first become interested in gps car trackers they head straight to google. And immediately they're bombed with two categories of trackers:

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    What I like to call 'DIY Trackers'
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    Companies that charge a high monthly fee

Today I'm going to show you:

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    What these two categories of trackers are
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    Why you should never choose a DIY Tracker
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    Where you can find a great tracking company with the cheapest fee
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    An in-depth review of their flagship device

First off, what the hell is a DIY Car Tracker?

You've probably seen them before, they're usually on eBay or Amazon. They require you to purchase a SIM Card and pre-paid plan to work, that's why I refer to them as DIY Trackers. They send you alerts through SMS or some very dodgy tracking platform, and 99% of the time they come from China.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. The super cheap price and no monthly fee might tempt you, but I warn you, these DIY devices are a minefield of frustration and time-wasting.

They're often advertised as being very simple, with great battery life and just a few SMS commands to activate them. I can't tell you how far that is from the truth, you wouldn't believe how many times it messes up and gets you to input all the commands over again and again. And trust me on this one, there is NO customer support to help you out whatsoever. Just a simple manual with terrible English to refer to.

Instead, by choosing to go with a trusted company you'll receive a much high-quality device, with a much much better tracking platform, and all-inclusive tech support. If you run into any troubles you can just call them up and talk to a real person immediately.

Now these sorts of companies charge a monthly fee of $25+, and for the service you're getting it's often worth it.

But I know there's a lot of you out there looking for the cheapest option, so here's who I'm going to recommend.

Trackimo is an international industry leader in the vehicle tracking industry, and they offer one of the most competitive rates available.

At just $5/month you simply can't say no.

That's what you're going to pay if you purchase your own SIM and prepaid plan, but you won't be covered by the warranty of this big company, or receive their tech support, or money-back guarantee for that matter.

What's more, this is a high-quality tracking device that comes working out of the box. You don't need to purchase your own SIM card or data plan, Trackimo already has everything setup and running for you. And with the Smart Alerts, you can stay notified on your vehicles locations, movements and speed.

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