Best GPS Shoe Tracker hidden in an insole

May 31

A GPS Tracker hidden in an insole

We already knew that it exists GPS trackers for almost everything cars, luggages, drones, pets, keys,… but a GPS shoe tracker sounds incredible, right ?

However, this product is real and is called GPS SmartSole Hidden shoe tracker !

This product has been developed by Gtxcorp for many reasons :

  • Young adults and teens with Autism / development disability.
  • Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s / Dementia .
  • Veterans and athletes with Traumatic Brain Injury.
  • Anyone who could potentially wander or become lost.
  • High profile agents or at-risk individuals.

according to The 2018 World Alzheimer’s Report 50 million people worldwide are living with dementia in 2018.  This number will more than triple to 152 million by 2050 !

60% of them will become “lost” at least once.

70% of those will become “lost” 3 or more times.

46% of wanders not found within 24 hours may die.

How it works ?

It uses GPS and cellular technology like your phone, is charged like your phone, and requires activation and a data service plan. Every 5 minutes GPS SmartSole uses the network to send it’s location updates to the GTX Corp Monitoring system. Then, the location appears on a map and you can access to this information through your online account or SmartLocator App. The monitoring system sends out geo-zone alerts via email and text message with link to the last known location.

You need to take the GPS SmartSole out of the shoe to charge it. GtxCorp recommends  to charge the device at night when the person is unlikely to be wearing their shoes or going outside.

The Price ?

Best value package : 299$ + 5$ shipping and then you have to choose between the monthly payment 29.95$ or quarterly ($24.98/mo. x 3 mo. billing) $74.95

Economy package : $24.95 Activation = $19.66 Shipping – SERVICE PLAN: $14.95 / Month – Economy= 10 min. ping / no geo-zones alerts.

This is the best wearable  GPS tracking solution and Could Save the Life of Someone who Wanders ! Click here to check it out !

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