Car Tracking Devices for Parents: The Features You Need

May 20

Car Tracking Devices for Parents: The Features You Need

Car Tracking Devices for Parents

There’s nothing quite like the rush of driving by yourself for the first time.

Especially for a young teenager.

Remember when you first got your license, I’m sure you would’ve driven a bit recklessly to impress friends or have a bit of fun.

Nearly everyone has. And nearly everyone will keep on doing it.

We’re only human And P-Platers are only young. They’ll learn eventually, but you need to help guide them in the meantime. And the statistics don’t lie either..

In NSW, a new P-plate driver is nine times more likely to be in a crash than other drivers. In Victoria, the state says they are 30 times greater.

Stopping Risky Teenage Driving

As you can see, the first 12 months of a P-platers license is the most dangerous time.

In Victoria, drivers aged between 18 and 25 years made up 23% of all driver fatalities for 2012.

Research has demonstrated that young drivers are at greater risk because they are inexperienced and they are more likely to take risks on the road.

A recent study surveyed 20,000 young drivers and examined their crash reports. Young drivers who said they undertook risky driving were 50% more likely to crash.

“Our study shows that if young drivers engage in a range of risky driving behaviours, regardless of their perceptions, their crash risk escalates significantly. Risky driving behaviours included speeding, carrying multiple passengers, listening to loud music and text messaging while driving. The research evidence shows that these behaviours are significant contributors to road crashes, particularly among young drivers who are still building their road skills in the first year of driving”. Report author, Associate Professor Rebecca Ivers at The George Institute.

Now I’m not telling you all of these things to scare you.

It’s just to show you that some silly habits and behaviours (ie. speeding) make driving a lot more dangerous.

Thankfully, there is an easy and effective way to help curb your kids driving.

Using a GPS vehicle tracker, you’re able to get speeding reports, overspeed alerts, location updates and even an instant text alert if the vehicle is in a crash.

How Can a GPS Tracker Help You?

Instantly notified when car in crash

Live Online Tracking

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a fully story about how my Brother-in-Law used a car tracker to stop my niece from speeding – you can check it out here.

As such, I’m not going to get into another story. Instead, let’s just jump straight into the best features to help stop reckless driving.

Overspeed Alert

Overspeed Alert

This will be the most useful feature to curb any excessive speeding.

You set a speed limit, such as 80km/h, and everytime the car exceeds that speed you’ll receive an instant SMS with the location and speed of your car.

You can read more about how my brother-in-law used this very feature to stop his daughter’s crazy driving.

Shock Sensor

Instantly notified when car in crash
Shock sensors on the GPS recognise if there is a collision and sends you an instant SMS if your car is ever in a crash.

You’ll receive the exact location of the car as well, so you can instantly go to help them. This happened to my son while he was driving my car. Luckily I was able to get there very quickly and everything was alright, just some cuts and bruises.

Speeding Reports

Live Online Tracking

Get online reports of everywhere your car’s been excessively speeding. Or, if you get a speeding ticket that’s incorrect use the tracking software to refute it.

Instant Location and Speed Updates

Live Online Tracking

In case you want to know where your son or daughter is just text the phone number associated with your tracker, and you’ll receive an automatic text back with its location and speed.

Wrapping Up.

As you can see, a GPS car tracker is an ideal tool for parents to keep an eye on their kids and make sure they’re driving responsibly.

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