Vehicle Theft Rising in U.S.A [Infographic]

May 16

Vehicle Theft Rising in U.S.A [Infographic]

Vehicle Theft Rates in America

It might be shocking to believe, but car theft is on the rise in America.

In the last decade there has been a steady downward trend of motor vehicle thefts, however, in the last year theft rates have increased 3.1%.

This is a worrying trend, as you can see from the numerous statistics below. However, a GPS vehicle tracking device can help drastically lower your risk to any of these crimes.

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For your information, here are further statistics on car theft in 2015.

  • A vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds in the United States.
  • 707,758 cars were stolen in 2015 alone.
  • By region, the West accounted for 40% of all car thefts. This was then followed by the South (35.3%), the Midwest (19.7%) and the Northeast (8%).
  • The motor vehicle theft rate has increased by 3.1% from 2014.
  • Only 13.1% of car thefts were cleared in 2015.
  • The top 5 models of car with the highest theft rates are:
1 Honda Accord 52,244
2 Honda Civic 49,430
3 Ford Pickup (Full size) 29,396
4 Chevrolet Pickup (Full size) 27,771
5 Toyota Camry 15,446

The top 5 states with the most car thefts in 2015 are:

1 California 170,993
2 Texas 67,485
3 Florida 40,661
4 Washington 26,867
5 Georgia 26,482
  • ​Vehicle theft is the most costly property crime in the U.S., costing tax payers more than $8.2 billion annually.
  • California is home to 7 out of the top 10 cities for vehicle theft in the United States.
  • Burglary and Larceny were down 10% and 3% respectively,  car theft was up 1%.
  • 79% of people always lock their vehicle, and 93% never leave spare keys in their vehicle.
  • 33% of people admit they have left their car while it was still running, which makes the vehicle an easy target for theft.
  • 47% of people don’t always park in a well lit area.
  • 40% don’t hide their valuables. In fact, nearly half leave mail in their car, a quarter have left a purse or wallet, and almost a third have left bank statements, all of which can put them at risk of identity theft.
  • Carjackings occur most frequently in urban areas, and account for 3% of all motor vehicle thefts.

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