7 Steps to Improve Car Security Today

May 13

Welcome to the 7 Steps Guide to improve your Vehicle Security

How can I improve my car security? How can I protect my car from theft?

My aim was to keep this guide short and simple, so you actually take action on it and implement the steps.

Too often I receive emails from visitors asking questions about car security… So, I have decided to write this guide with 7 steps simple and actionable.

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you own exactly, thieves will take any car easy that is easy to steal. Be careful and always pay attention to this.

Some of these steps are just simple common sense, but it’s by using our common sense that we can often avoid making our vehicle a target for theft in the first place or reduce significantly the probability of someone stealing your car.

STEP 1: Invest in a Car Tracker

Now I know this isn’t the first thing you wanted to here, but believe me, out of all the steps this one’s going to make the biggest difference.

Invest in a bloody Car Tracker! Notice how I said ‘Invest’, not ‘buy’. That’s because these devices are an investment and are bound to save your ass one day.

Hopefully these statistics can shed some light:

  • In 2017 there were over 1,000 cars stolen every week in Australia, or one every ten minutes. In the U.S. there were over 13,000 thefts every week. In 2017, 773,139 cars were stolen in the USA according to the FBI.
  • 35% of car thefts are never recovered.
  • However, 90% of cars with a GPS Tracker, Car Tracking System installed were returned to their owner within a week. 80% of those are recovered within 24 hours.

Hell, even car insurance companies offer discounts for installing a car tracker. It’s because they understand that in the event your car is stolen it is much more likely to be recovered quickly with a tracker, therefore saving them and you a lot of money.

The GPS Tracker will give to the police the exact position of the Car.

Our Advanced GPS Car Tracker comes with a lot of features including Geofences, unlimited tracking, unplug detection, tow alert, overspeed alert, jamming detection and more.

“The single best security tip for new car owners would be to install a GPS Tracker. Older car owners may need to worry more about making sure the doors lock. However, this shouldn’t be a concern in a new car. Being able to locate your vehicle is.” Jaxer – Free Auto-Mechanic


STEP 2: Consider Where You Park

This might seem a bit silly but using some simple common sense can save you a lot of heartache when your car is stolen. Whether at home or public, it is important that you park in a safe place such as a garage at your house or well lit and secured areas when in public.

Try not to park near exits to avoid giving thieves an easy and faster getaway.

At the end of the day, the more difficult your car looks to steal the less likely thieves will target it. It really is as simple as that.

Our car trackers come into play once your car has been stolen. And when it does get stolen, if you don’t have a car tracker, you’re going to wish you had one…

“My number one tip is to be careful where you park your car. The more visible your car is to the general public, the less appealing it is to would-be thieves who thrive on secluded parking spots.It’s wise to park away from other cars to minimise the risk of parking damage, but you should be careful not to hide it from view at the same time.” Malcolm Flynn – Cars Guide

STEP 3: Install a Fuel Pump Switch

This right here is an incredibly sneaky trick.  If you don’t know much about cars you might need to get an auto-electrician to help, but if you’ve got the time it takes your security to another level.

I’ll let Jee explain further…

“What I personally do on all my car is to install a switch on the power side of the fuel pump relay circuit. Correctly hidden, this will prevent any thief to be able to start the car no matter how hard they try to start your engine. If the power to the fuel pump is turned off, no screwdriver or ignition wire trick like you see in the movies will be of any use.And for extra security, like when you leave your car in an airport parking for several days or even when you go to the movies, memorize where the fuel pump relay is located and take it with you. It’s small enough so you can carry it in your pocket and the amount of time needed for the thief to find where is the problem and bypass the relay makes it almost impossible to steal the car.” Jee – The Mechanic Doctor

STEP 4: Don’t Tempt Thieves

This is another one of those “Common Sense” tips. You might roll your eyes but you’d be surprised how many people completely miss this one.

Don’t leave anything worth stealing visible in the car.  Simple as that.

You don’t want to give any extra reason to tempt thieves into your car. In fact, if you’ve got nothing in your glove box keep it open to show that you’ve got nothing to hide. And avoid giving out clues that you may have valuables inside such as the circular suction mount marks left behind from sat nav devices.

“Make it less tempting for a thief to break into your car. Keep your valuables like your purse, wallet, phone, laptop or shopping bags out of sight. Don’t leave them on the seat, dashboard, floorboards or on the back seat. Do not leave any paper in your car too (Driver’s licence, ID, registration card, …)

Lock up everything in the trunk, a locking glove box or conceal under the floor mats.” Jody DeVere – Ask Patty

STEP 5: Watch Those Keys

You wouldn’t believe it, but having your keys stolen is the number 1 method of car theft.

According to the statistics from the US department of Justice there were 229,339 vehicle thefts with keys or fobs left in the vehicles between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018! Source : https://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/facts-statistics-auto-theft

This method accounts for 37% of all car thefts.

In fact, many thieves break into a house with the sole intention of stealing keys. And guess what’s the second most common method of car theft… That’s right, leaving your keys in your car comes in at 18%. That means 55% of all car thefts involve the thieves getting their hands on your keys. Now that seems pretty ridiculous to me.

Here are some quick tips to minimize the chances your keys are stolen:

  • Never leave your keys visible in plain sight, such as on your table or hallway.
  • Do not leave them in your ignition when you run short errands such as filling gas or grabbing something from the convenience store.
  • Never leave your jacket in public places with your keys in it.
  • Refrain from using public lockers such as those at gyms and if you must, use your own secure lock.

STEP 6: Deter, deter, deter

The key to deterring thieves is to make stealing your car look like more effort and risk than necessary. When it looks like it’s not worth it, they’ll move on to their next target.So, how do we achieve this?

  • Steering Wheel Locks: you will complicate the task of the thief. These come in striking colors so they can be spotted from a mile away. This serves as a deterrent to enthusiastic thieves unless they’re hell-bent on stealing your vehicle.
  • Locking Wheel Nuts: If you have a premium set of wheels it is a good idea to install locking wheel nuts. They’re not only an effective deterrent but are also inexpensive to buy and easy to fit. Unlike regular wheel nuts, locking wheel nuts are placed on each corner of your vehicle, and feature a specially shaped head that can only be undone with the matching socket, making it more difficult for thieves to steal your wheels.
  • VIN Etching: This is a highly effective way to give cloners a hard time. When the last seven digits of the 17-digit VIN are etched on your headlights, windows and mirrors or all glass surfaces of your vehicle, thieves know that the only way to remove these visible etchings is by changing the glass panes themselves.

STEP 7: Always Do the Double Check

We’re going to finish on another common sense tip, but it’s these tips and habits that’ll save your car one day.

“We would advise new cars owners to always double check that their cars are actually locked by pulling the door handle, even if they hear the car beep from pressing the lock button. A side benefit of this is it gives the driver the psychological assurance that the car is safely locked.New car owners should try to get a car tracker installed in them regardless of the cost of the cars. It hurts to have your car stolen even if you have two or three vehicles.” Somto – Stannis Wheels Team

Thieves generally focus primarily on foreign licenses plates. For example, If you are on vacation in a different place from your home, thieves could be attract because people on vacation leave often personal items inside.

But for now, I’m going to finish on a question. Leave a comment below…

Why would you purchase a car tracker? To prevent theft? To monitor employees? To make sure your teenage kid isn’t driving like a loon ?

I would really like to know.