GPS Tracking Devices for Cars: No Longer Just For Big Brands

May 14

GPS Tracking Devices for Cars: No Longer Just For Big Brands

Personal GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

Many people believe GPS car tracking systems are made for ​companies who own large fleets of cars.

Well, that’s not the case anymore.

Even if you’re just a normal person, with a regular car, buying a vehicle tracker is extremely affordable and can offer you a wide range of benefits. With GPS technology becoming more and more advanced over the year, the price has dropped, and the quality is as high as ever. Don’t get me wrong, you can still buy really crappy vehicle tracking devices online, but if you’re diligent in your research there are some amazing devices available.

And these quality devices aren’t even overly expensive.

For $150 you can get a reliable, robust and versatile tracker with a range of features. Now when you think that you’ve spent around $40,000 on a car, wouldn’t you spend the extra $150 to have the peace of mind knowing it’s always safe?

And you wouldn’t believe it, but after a 10-year decline, car theft is steadily rising again. Even though you have insurance to cover the vehicle, there’s a lot of heartache and wasted time that can be avoided by having this simple device.

Not only can you get real-time SMS notifications if your car is being taken, you can get notifications if it’s in a crash or speeding and even immobilise the car if needed.

Here’s a couple more of the features:

Even insurance companies agree that car trackers enhance the security of your vehicle, and they therefore offer you discounts on your vehicle premiums. These discounts usually end up covering the cost of the entire tracking device!

Vehicle Tracking for the Individual

What’s even better is the installation process is ridiculously easy nowdays. Certain trackers with top of the range features will need an auto-electrician to install them. However, for the majority of trackers it’s as simple as connecting the wires to the car battery.

If you want to make it even easier for yourself, get an OBD tracker. You literally plug this in below the steering wheel and you’re ready to start tracking. That’s really it, just plug and play.

And finally, operating a tracking device is very, very easy.

Nearly all tracking systems offer tracking via SMS alerts and an online live tracking platform. Many of the larger brands will also have their dedicated mobile apps which are very user friendly, these don’t need any explanation.

SMS alerts – Your GPS will be running off a SIM card, so whenever you need the location of your car, just text the GPS’s phone number. You’ll get an instant reply with the speed, location etc of your car.

Online tracking – All trackers should also offer an online tracking site where you can get live information. Not only do you get real-time updates of the car, but you can see past reports, speeding, routes etc.

In conclusion, getting a GPS tracker for you car is now for the everyday individual. You don’t need to be a large company, or been overly rich. You just need to know what tracker will suit your specific situation and where to find a high quality, reliable device.

So what’s holding you back from buying your own car tracker? Let me know in the comments.

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