The Reckless P-Plates: Hugh Scranton

May 14

The Reckless P-Plates: Hugh Scranton

I’ve told you before that I’ve been pretty enthusiastic about GPS car trackers since the start.

So much so, that I’ve convinced a number of my friends and family to get their own.

Well, today I want to bring you the story of my Brother-in-Law, Hugh Scranton.

Reckless Driving in Teenagers

I managed to convince Hugh to get a vehicle tracker after his daughter put a bit of a dent in their car.

It wasn’t anything major, but from what Hugh saw she was becoming a bit of a crazy driver.

She was usually quite cautious when they were in the car together. But, as you can imagine, when the parents weren’t around she let go a little.

So Hugh thought the ‘Overspeed Alert’ feature would help him the most.

This great feature sends you an immediate text with the car’s location whenever it goes faster than X km/h. You can set whatever speed you want.

So when we hooked up the GPS tracker for Hugh’s car we set the Overspeed Alert to 85km/h.

And, sure enough, about a week later Hugh got an alert on his phone when he knew his daughter was driving. He checked out the location provided in the text and knew that street was only a 60km zone.

He gave her the benefit of the doubt.

It happened about a week after that again, but again he didn’t do anything.

But, when it happened again a few weeks later he thought he should have a little chat to her.

He brought it up in a nice way and let her know that they installed a GPS tracker into the car.

She was a bit annoyed at first, but then again, it is Hugh’s car.

And guess what.

He didn’t get any more alerts of her going way over the speed limit.

And my niece began to understand that she can’t drive her parents car like that.

Sure, she’ll speed every now and then.

But because she knows the tracker is there, she’s become a lot more careful.

Are you trying to get your kids to drive a bit more responsibly?

What part about that are you struggling with most?

Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers, Luca.

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