2K FHD Car DVR With Sony IMX307 Image Sensor

30 FPS, Plug and Play Install. FHD Night Vision

16MP, 170 degree wide angle, G-Sensor, Loop Recording & Parking Mode

2K FHD Car DVR With Sony IMX307 Image Sensor


Sony 323 lens

Sony 323 lens

Sony 323 170° wide viewing angle. 7-layer glass lenses + F2.0 large aperture and WDR technology can balance the light and dark areas of the video and generate high-quality images.

2.4GHZ wireless

2.4GHZ wireless

With a built-in 2.4GHZ wireless module, simply open the mobile app and connect the DVR to view real-time footage or playback recordings.



Built-in 3 axis G-sensor can detect sudden acceleration, stops, and collisions and automatically saved the file into the memory card.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Simple plug and play installation. Without interfering car wiring or fuse box. Simple plug the power cable into cigarette charger and use das cam WIFI to view, download and share videos.


16MP Sony 323,170° wide viewing angle
  • 16MP wide viewing angle
  • Seven layers glass Sony lens
  • Novatek 96672 Chip
  • Sony IMX307 Image Sensor 
  • FHD 1920 x 1080P
  • 1x camera with 30 FPS
  • 32GB TF card (included)
  • Continuous loop recording
  • Parking mode with motion sensors
  • Inbuilt speaker
  • Adjustable Holder
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • 1 X front dash cam 
  • 2 X 3m adhesive double-sided pads
  • 1 X Car Charger
  • 1 X User Manual


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dash cam?

In simple terms, a dash cam(car DVR) automatically starts recording when the car starts and stops recording once the car engine is off. DVR can continuously record footage of 1,3 or 5 minutes depending on the settings. 

Why should I use a dash cam?

Dash cams provide a lot of value these days. The dash cam footage could be used as a vital source of evidence in case of a collision. The timestamp on every footage provides an extra witness during insurance claims. Apart from being an evidence during accidents, the HD videos could also be used to capture great memories of your weekend trips and the ability to easily share clips with friends and family.

What is a G-sensor and what it does?

G-sensor, or G-shock sensor, measures the movement of your vehicle through 3 axis; up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards. At the moment of collision or hard break or in case of any shock to the car, it helps the DVR to automatically save the footage and will not be deleted or overwritten.

Do I need a technician to install dash cam?

Our dash cams are simple plug and play, simply attach DVR to the screen and plug the power cable into the cigarette lighter holder as plain as that.  

How to hide dash cam wires?

If you are concerned about the dangling dash cam wire then you can work a bit to hide them inside side panels. Watch this video for hiding dash cam wires. 

How can I access videos?

All of our DVR devices comes with WIFI module to connect to your phone via mobile apps. You can also connect the memory card directly to the computer.

Should I concerned about data privacy?

No. All the videos and pictures are stored on the external memory card. You can always have an option to export or delete the content by either connecting the memory card to the computer directly or connecting to device via our free iPhone and Android apps.