Tow Alarms and Terrible Drivers: Tony Blair

Jun 01

Tow Alarms and Terrible Drivers: Tony Blair

As soon as I got the GPS tracker for my car I fell in love with it. I told all my friends about it, and even convinced a few to get ones of their own. Well, I want to tell you about one guy in particular. My mate Tony.

Tow Alarms on GPS Trackers

After convincing him to give it a go, we bought a decent car tracker and set him up with a pre-paid SIM from Telstra.

Because I’ve got some auto electrical knowledge, when we installed his tracker we hooked it up to the ignition. This alone opens the tracker up to many more features and functions. You can remotely disable or enable the engine, … and the tow alarm is activated.

Now let me tell you, the tow alarm saved Tony’s ass.

And since then, he’s installed a tracker on his other car and even got his brother to buy one. Anyway, let’s get back to the tow alarm. It sends you a text as soon as your car is being towed.

How does it know the car’s getting towed?

Because it’s moving without the ignition on, and the GPS tracker can pick that up. So, what happened to my mate Tony?

Well, first you have to understand that he’s late to EVERYTHING. On this particular morning, he had a big meeting and, as usual, he was really late. So he parked his car like a maniac and ran into the office. He didn’t even It was a busy day and he was going to be there until 8pm. However, around 5.45 he got a text. The tow alarm had been activated. He didn’t panic but boy was he pissed off.

I guess he figured there wasn’t much he could do then and there, so he got his work finished and texted his tracker to see where his car had wound up. Turns out they towed it to a yard 45 minutes away on the other side of the city. So he gave them a call, got the details and went to pick his car up.

Now that was a bit of a hassle, and he wasn’t very happy, but can you imagine how much worse it would’ve been if he didn’t have the tracker? It would’ve been a very different story.

He would’ve finished work at 8pm and come out to find his car gone. He would’ve panicked, probably thought it had been stolen and called the police.

He would’ve caught the bus home and gone in circles till he found out that his car had actually been towed.

And then in more circles trying to find out which yard it had been towed to. He wouldn’t of gotten his car back that night, and would have gone through a lot of frustration and anxiety thinking his car’s been stolen. And that’s what he said was the best part of the tracker. It told him his car had been towed as soon as it happened. He knew about it. There were no uncertainty or worrying. He knew it happened and had time to come up with a solution. It didn’t just spring on him as he was trying to leave work and ready to relax at home. It might seem small, but when something like that happens to you you’ll wish you had a GPS tracker installed on your car.

Ever since Tony’s been a big advocate of the car trackers as well, and for good reason 🙂

What’s holding you back from getting a GPS tracker for you car?

Let me know in the comments.

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