Best Car Tracker for Beginners: The FM3001 Review

Car Trackers Club FM3001

The Best Car Tracker for Beginners

*Subscription includes GPS tracking software service, mobile app and cellular data service with nearly worldwide roaming.

All-in-one Package 

Monthly Subscription



Includes a SIM Card with an activated Data Plan already placed inside the tracker. Device is completely configured & ready to go. No hidden charges or extra fees. Works worldwide.

  • Quality tested in EU
  • 2 year warranty
  • No lock-in contracts

Very impressed & very simple to use. I just took it out of the package, plugged it into my car,  logged into the app and away I went!

Jackson C.

I use it to track my personal vehicle and I'm blown away. I had no idea they could fit so many alerts and features in such an easy to use device.

Hayden P.

Hidden GPS Car Tracker

Works straight out-of-the-box

Forget about the frustration of setting up your own device. We'll do it for you. The FM3001 comes preconfigured, arriving with a SIM inside the tracker and an activated Data Plan. Quality testing in the EU and a 2yr warranty make this the most reliable, easiest tracking device to start with.

Plug & Play Installation

There are absolutely no wires or anything to deal with. Just plug the device into the OBD-II Port underneath your steering wheel, login to the app and you're ready to start tracking! It is seriously as simple as that!

Real Time Vehicle Tracker

Real-Time Live Tracking

Receive the location of your vehicle in real time, on the map of your choice: OSM, Google, Satellite etc. This service can be used from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Check on your vehicles exact address, travel speed, fuel consumption and a hell of a lot more...

Smart Alerts

Get instant alerts about your defined events: overspeeding, geozones, eco-driving, jamming detection, crash & towing detection, idling detection, trip stop/start, unplugging detection and more..

Vehicle Notifications

Saving Fuel with Car Trackers

Fuel Savings

Check fuel level and fuel consumption along the route. The eco-driving feature monitors harsh driver behaviour, including accelerating, braking and cornering. Improving driving behaviour can cut your fuel costs significantly.

Geofence Zones

Geofence feature allows you to set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for you. Receive instant, automated alerts whenever your vehicle enters or exits those boundaries. 

Geofences for Vehicles

Extensive Vehicle Tracking Reports

History & Reports

Preview or download reports in different formats (XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT). Reports can include: driving hours, stopovers, distance travelled, fuel consumption etc.


If the tracker has been unplugged or the vehicle is being stolen receive an instant alert. Use this information and the police to track your vehicle down fast.

Vehicle Notifications

Internal Battery & Tamper Alert

If it becomes unplugged there is an internal battery that will keep the device active, so you have time to track down your vehicle and report it to the police.

POI & Tools

Add markers at the locations that might be important to you with POI (Points of Interest): gas station, a hotel, a restaurant, a shopping mall etc. You can use tools for calculating distances between places on the map.

Car Tracking Tools

Track Vehicle via Apps

Free Tracking Apps

Download our Android and iPhone tracking apps directly to your smartphone for free.

Sim Card Coverage

Near worldwide coverage, including the best coverage in Australia. Our SIM Cards move from network to network, depending on which network is providing the best coverage, so you'll always be connected.

Worldwide SIM Coverage

2 year warranty & No Contracts

Receive a 2 year warranty on the hardware plus no lock-in contracts whatsoever! If you no longer want to track your vehicle simply unsubscribe from our service.

Free Shipping

Free shipping within Australia. International shipping will incur a fee of $20AUD.


You couldn't ask for a more simple to use, feature-full, reliable car tracker. Our device comes working straight out of the box with the activated Data Plan and SIM already in the tracker - it's completely foolproof!


Take it out of the box, plug it in to your OBD port and login to the app - you'll be tracking in less than a minute.

Take advantage of this incredible offer and purchase your FM3001 vehicle tracker for just $249AUD.

Demo the Real-Time Tracking System

One of our most commented on features is not the actual tracking device, but the tracking platform we give you access to, as part of the monthly data fee.

We provide one of the most comprehensive tracking platforms available. As mentioned above, there are numerous features and alerts included in our tracking platform, such as: reports & history, your choice of maps, fuel consumption, geofences and a whole lot more.

Click below to take a demo of our tracking platform..

Real time vehicle tracking device

About the Author

I became involved with GPS car tracking soon after my pride and joy was stolen. I've now become such an advocate of vehicle tracking that I've convinced many of my friends and family to get their own GPS devices.