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Best GPS Tracker for Car 2018 Review.

Of all the reviews below, want to find out what we recommend as the 3 Best GPS Trackers available right now? We've gone the extra mile and have laid it all out in a clear comparison report. Instantly download the report for free, sit back and choose your device from our top 3 picks.
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Over the years I've tested many different car trackers of all types. I've tested trackers that have been bought from China and require a SIM, I've tested tracking companies in both Australia and the US, I've used boat trackers, drone trackers, you name it.

Believe me, there are a ton of different tracking devices available. It takes quite a lot of research and time to sift through all the products to find one that suits you. To add to the problem there isn't much information on these devices beyond what the companies themselves provide.

Well hopefully I'll be able to help you out. We're going to be reviewing some of the best gps car trackers available right now, and will provide you with all the company information, device features, pricing, absolutely everything you'll need.

You can find these in-depth reviews below.

However, we've gone the extra mile and have created a comparison report of what we believe are the 3 Best GPS Trackers for your car. All you need to do is download the report for free, sit back, read our research, and make a decision on which car tracker suits you.

Don't hesitate any longer.

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The 3 Best GPS Trackers for your Car in 2018

Rather than sifting through all of the reviews below, we've hand picked the 3 best gps car trackers and created a comparison report. Compare their pricing, features, reviews and more to make a final choice as to what vehicle tracker suits you.

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In Depth, Car Tracker Reviews...

If you're looking for a simple, reliable, feature-full solution then this is going to be the device for you..

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Works out-of-the-box
  • Quality tested in EU
  • Extensive range of alerts
  • High quality tracking platform
  • 2 year warranty, no contracts

Comes pre-configured, with a SIM Card and activated Data Plan already inside the tracker. Just plug it into your car (no installation needed), log into the app and you're ready to go! 

The TMR-S7's extensive tracking & reporting features are combined with advanced security measures including engine immobilisers, driver ID cards and more...

While on the pricier side, they provide an all-round solution to vehicle security.

Ezy2c has been part of the vehicle tracking industry for over 15 years now, making it a very established brand at the forefront of tracking technologies. Their flagship model, the Z4, offers a comprehensive tracking platform perfect for small businesses with fleets.

Trackimo has created one of the smallest, lightest, most affordable trackers available. In saying that, they still managed to squeeze in all the usual features like geofences, overspeed alerts etc.

With a tiny $5/month fee, 1 year of free tracking, and a $110 discount, you'd be crazy not to at least read this Trackimo Review...